employment law

Paul is developing his practice beyond his “core areas” and can advise and act on a wide variety of matters particularly those which “touch or concern” his specialist areas.


Paul provides a specialist service in respect of the following services where breaches of the regulations are criminal acts, often with possible imprisonment penalties. Areas covered include:-

• Theft Fraud and Commercial malpractice
• Breaches of Statutory regulations including:-
      - Pollution
      - Animal control
      - Protection of Badgers and other wildlife
      - Planning and Listed Building consent
• Waste disposal, landfill and land remediation
• Breaches of the Construction Design and management (CDM) regulations

Business Law

Paul has experience of a wide variety of Business issues and can provide advice and assistance with:-
• Agency
• Partnership law
• Company law
• Employers Liability
• Voluntary liquidation and receivership

Further information

Please view the links below for more detailed information on Paul’s specialist areas of expertise:

Civil & Commercial
Technical & Construction
Alternative Dispute Resolution