Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Whilst litigation remains a fundamental part of the practice of every barrister, the modern technical and construction lawyer is frequently involved in other forms of dispute resolution formats.

Paul aims to provide specialist advice and representation in all aspects of ADR including early neutral evaluation, mediation, negotiation, adjudication and arbitration. Paul is a member of Chambers that rightly boasts of a team of highly qualified and experienced mediators and arbitrators with particular professional skills in their core disciplines.

Early Neutral Evaluation

The process by which Parties in a dispute agree to obtain an independent non-binding evaluation of the issue or dispute between them. Barristers in chambers have all the requisite skills to provide advice and “added value” in the initial stages of a dispute, offering opinion as to the likely outcome and advising on compromise or settlement agreements.


Mediation is a private process allowing the parties to explore the possibility of a negotiated settlement to a dispute without the expense of costly and drawn out litigation. The parties can influence and control the outcome themselves and often may agree compromise solutions which are not available in the traditional process of litigation.

Paul is an experienced mediator and provides a confidential, impartial and independent service. Paul can also act as a mediation advocate, representing and advising Clients either in Court ordered or private mediation hearings.

Chambers can provide a bespoke mediation service for businesses, trade associations, local authorities and private individuals . They can host arrange premises for the mediation or alternatively barristers will travel as required.

Paul is accredited to act as a civil and commercial and a family law mediator. He brings his practical experience and life skills to the mediation table and has an enviable record of facilitating practicable and workable mediation solutions.

Fees for mediation are fixed and pre-agreed. Referrals are taken from the National Mediation helpline, the ADR group, professional bodies and trade associations. Paul will also undertake private out-of court mediations as either mediator (using the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Standard Form) or as Clients representative.


Adjudication is most often used as a vehicle for dispute resolution in the construction industry. It is an interim measure designed to provide a prompt and cheap method of resolving disputes during the currency of a project in order that the Parties can concentrate on the bigger picture of completing the Contract.

Barristers in Chambers can act as Adjudicator or Advocate for both public and private sector clients,contractors, sub-contractors or consultants. The nature of adjudication is that it is a “quick fix” interim solution requiring a rapid response and delivery of particulars of claim or response to claim within fixed and defined timescales.


Arbitration is a formal but private process for the resolution of disputes, generally conducted in accordance with the rules set down in the Arbitration Act 1996. Paul is qualified to accept briefs either as an advocate representing Clients or to take the role as tribunal in the proceedings.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution